Thursday, May 29, 2008

Utah Rafting Class II, why Fisher Towers rocks.

Well spring has sprung and summers right around the corner. The melt has started and the Colorado is running high. Here's a recent photo of the Class II Rocky Rapid.
The BIG hit. We're havin fun now.
Wait a minute, that doesn't look right!
I hope this answers the question, "will it be exciting enough".

NOTE: **No humans were hurt in the rafting of this river.**

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One World Everybody Eats, a riverpeople favorite.

While spending a little time in Salt Lake City, a place that many of our Moab rafting clients pass through, I ended up at One World. I heard a few of our guides talking about the pay what you think you should policy and how good the food was and decided to see for myself.

Check out the website and go for the food. In a word, GREAT.

Don't forget to finish with a cup of organic coffee and a piece of the "everything" cookies. Never has organic anything tasted so good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moab Rafting - The Dolores River!!!!!

On the 27th of April the 2008 crew of Red River Adventures embarked on a 3 day Utah rafting trip that was fantastic.

13 of the Riverpeople launched at Gateway, Colorado for the 2008 kick off Dolores river run.

Along the way we discovered that you can fly into Gateway, new pictographs,

and that Charlie can fly but doesn't land so well,