Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being Green aint easy.....

Going to the grocery store was so much easier than it used to be.
It dawns on me today as I juggle 5 empty gallon water jugs, 5 lids and 2 re-usable shopping bags, wallet and a blackberry that I carry almost as much into the store as I do out of the place.

In my drive to be green I finally remembered the freakin tote bags and the water jugs that we reuse so we don't clog the landfill and because we can't drink the water that flows from the tap and I forget the shopping list.

Tough enough when I had to remember the list, everything on it and to grab all my bags as I left the store (come on you know you've left groceries you just bought behind) now I've got to have a check list of things to take TO the store.


MoabUtah said...

Just last night, at a little Moab gathering, the Gott cooler was iced for cool drinking water. For cups, the guests drank from an assorted stack of single serving plastic containers from yogurt, applesauce, jello. These have been washed and reused, instead of buying disposable plastic cups.
Challenging Moab outfitter to mimic this practice!

Riverpeople said...

Challenge accepted.
We don't use anything that is disposable, plates, napkins or cups.
We've been reusing cups that we purchased second hand for years.
We recycle everything we can, including the stuff that they don't in Moab. We transport those items to either SLC or Grand Junction when someone is heading that way. We buy second hand vehicles and rafts, chose to use a priviously used trailer for our office rather than build from the ground up and burn biodiesel in our bus.
Like I said being Green aint easy but we do our best, which I feel is better than most.

MoabUtah said...

So Proud of you , be sure to unite your effort with Moab Solutions. Solutions run underground recycling to GJ and SLC as well. Plus, Spt 26 at the MARC, there will be a fund raiser for Moab Solutions. Do you have your own bio-diesel fuel like the Moab Adventure Center or are you purchasing it from Chevron?
You are doing the best so far.
Kokopelli Lodge ranks high on Green. Red River would likely be a fine referral.